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Solutions to heaviness or hardness in cakes

Solutions to heaviness or hardness in cakes

Do you experience heaviness or hardness in your cake?
Having problem with your cake?

  A  lot of beginners are having problems with their cake but the common problem is getting a hard cake after baking  or your cake is heavy after baking.

 Let me tell you this secret, baking is a science and there is more to it than just getting the right measurements.

Here are the causes of hardness in cakes.

1. You didn't use the right measurements .

2. Butter and eggs were not mix thoroughly.

3. Too much of flour.

4. The eggs you used are not enough or use of small eggs.

 5. Adding too much baking powder.

 6. Over mixing of batter.

 7. Over baking.

 Solutions to hard cakes

1. Get the right recipe for the cake size you want to make and follow the instructions. Get measuring scale,measuring cups and spoons. These helps to give accurate measurements.

2. Cream butter and sugar very well till it doubles in size and becomes fluffy, but don't over mix.

  3. Use the correct measurement of flour and baking powder, adding too much of it makes your cake to be hard.

 4. Use large eggs - eggs helps to add moisture to your cake. Use the accurate measurement stated in the recipe.

5. Avoid over baking ,it makes your cake dry,hereby causing heaviness.

6. When you are preparing your batter and you realize that the batter will be too much for the size of cake you want to make, divide the batter into two portions, ( that is into  two different baking pans), it gives it enough room to rise and be fluffy. 

Try these tips in your next baking and get a moist and fluffy cake.

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