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Home made butter recipe: Easy tips to make yours

Home made butter recipe : easy tips to make yours

Do you know that butter is different from margarine?
Many people are unaware of the difference between butter and margarine  and so innocently substitute butter for margarine and margarine for butter .
While those that knows uses margarine instead of butter stated in the recipe. But the truth is that the taste will be altered.

Margarine is gotten from plant fat and can be seen in every provision shop or cake shop you attend. Examples are Simas, Rhoda, Moore, Napa, Golden Gate, Valido, etc.
Butter on the other hand, is gotten from animal fat and are more expensive than margarine. They can be found in the fridge sections of supermarkets like shoprite. They are kept in fridges to sustain their shelf life. An example is President.

 This simple tutorials will teach you how to make butter at home which will be excellent for your baking.


Ingredients : Cold whipping cream.


 *Place your 'cold' whipping cream in a stand mixer with the whisk attachment and whisk at medium to high speed. Your butter preparation will take about 10 minutes  and during this short time, your butter will pass through some stages

1. Whipping stage :  At this stage, your whipping cream will be creamed to a stiff peak.

2. Separation stage : Here, you need to pay close attention because the separation starts slowly and quickly escalates, pay attention and you will notice a separation as you are whisking with your mixer. You will see butter solidifying and butter milk also coming out.
Gather the solid butter and place in a bowl, then gather the buttermilk and store, you will need it later to make some cakes such as chocolate cakes, red velvet cakes.
Now back to the solid butter, take the solid butter and wash it under cold water or a running tap till the water is running clear. Don't be scared here, just place the  butter in your hands and rub it gently while washing in running water till water is clear.  Your butter will not dissolve, so don't worry about it dissolving.
If the butter is not properly washed, it will have a short shelf life. After washing, store in a tight container and put it in the fridge.

If you want to make unsalted butter, add a little salt.

  Your home made butter is ready!

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