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Stretch marks removal oil

Stretch marks removal oil
Stretch marks  looks exactly like parallel lines on your skin which comes in another or different colours different from your normal skin type.
Stretch marks can appear on your thigh , tummy, arm or other parts of the body. It can also be caused as a result of cream reaction, hereditary or being pregnant.
This recipe helps in removing stretch marks and fades it , visible results in 7 days, it is required you use it twice daily for visible results.

Materials needed;
1. Three tablespoons of carrots oil

2. Two tablespoons of rose hip oil.

3. Two tablespoons of bio oil.

4. 5 capsules of vitamin E oil( you can get the capsules from pharmaceutical ships, you need to pierce the capsule for the oil to come out, you mix the oil with other recipe posted above)

* Add all the oils together and mix and store in an air tight container

You can get the materials from organic skin ingredients seller.

Apply on the affected parts ,twice daily

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