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How to make Dettol

How to make Dettol 

How to make disinfectant/Dettol

Disinfectants are chemical agents used to inactivate or destroy microorganisms on surfaces.

It is also used in bathing,  washing and scrubbing of tiles . It kills and prevents the spread of germs and bacteria at home
You can make your disinfectant with little amount .

Chemicals needed;
1 .Pine oil ½ liter 
2 .Phenol ⅛ liter 
3 Texapon ¼ liter 
4.Water 2 liters 
5. Ispropyl Alcohol (IPA)-2liters.
6. Colour- caramel colour should be used.

7 Cholroxylenol ¼ liter. 

* If you are a beginner ,tell the chemical seller to label each of the chemicals for you.


1.Mix Phenol, pine oil, and texapon together in a clean bowl stir continuously with a wooden ladle.

2.Add chloroxylenol mix together and stir for few minutes to avoid separation.

3.Add water to the solution and continue stirring it  until it becomes whitish.
 4  Then, pour IPA into the solution and mix very well.

5.Add  your colour to it, mix the mixture very well. 

6. Leave for few minutes for everything to settle, then put in your plastic bottle for your usage.

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