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Easy tips and method for mirror glaze decoration


Mirror  glaze decoration

 A mirror cake is a cake covered with a glaze that sets with a reflection.
 They are used to cover the tops and sides of the cake. 

What is mirror glaze made of ?

It contains Sugar, condensed milk, gelatin, white chocolate.

Functions of this ingredients :

1. Condensed milk : This is the major ingredients. This is where the mirror glaze effect comes in action.

 2. White Chocolate chips : White is advised to be used so that you can achieve all other colours you want or desire.

3. Gelatin: This is an important ingredient that helps the mirror glaze stick to the cake. Make sure you use a good quality non flavoured gelatin for best results.

4. Sugar : This helps you to achieve the mirror glaze effect.

Things needed :  Medium sized saucepan or pot, measuring cup, a small bowl, tray, off set spatula, sieve.

 Ingredients to be used :

1. Granulated sugar  100g

2.  Condensed milk  70g

3.  Water  60g

4. White chocolate chips 100g

 5. Gelatin 2 tablespoons.

Cake to use : Any type of cake


1. Freeze the cake first.

2. When you are ready to make the glaze, measure out the white sugar the place into a medium sized saucepan or pot.

3. To the sugar, add sweetened condensed milk as well as the water.

4. Place the saucepan or pot over medium or low heat and stir occasionally till the sugar gets dissolved.

5. While the sugar, condensed milk and water is heating up, in a small bowl, measure out 2 tablespoons of gelatin and half cup of cold water and stir for few minutes.

6. Stir the sugar, condensed milk and water, then add the gelatin until it's completely dissolved.

7. Pour the hot liquid over the white chocolate chips and leave to sit for about 5 minutes, use whisk/spatula to gently mix the glaze until the chocolate chips have completely melted and this will take a few minutes.

8. Be very gentle not to put any air into the glaze as this will create air bubbles on the finished cake.

9. If there is the odd  bit of chocolate left over, don't worry you can put it through a sieve.

10. Add any colour of your choice and stir. 

11. Before you pour the glaze on your cake, cool it to cool.

How do i know it's ready to be used?

All you need to do to know if it's ready to be used is by using your hands to feel the outside of the bowl, it shouldn't feel hot or warm but also not cold, just a very cold lukewarm.

12.  If it's ready to be used, remove your cake from the freezer and place it on a cup that is sitting in a tray to catch the drip from the glaze.

13. Begin to pour the glaze over the cake, it will run down covering the sides. A lot of the glaze will drip off, but you should get  a good coverage.

14. If you want to create a marble effect, gel the food colouring you want to use, and add a few drops to the top of the cake. Use a small off set spatula to smooth over the cake, spreading the food colouring.

15. The glaze will still spread down the cake, making the effect look more authentic.

16. Leave the glaze to set for 3-4 hours before cutting the cake or deliver.

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