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How to make Tiger nut flour

How to make Tigernut flour.

Tiger nut flour can be used in baking , it can also be used as  a swallow which can be eaten with any vegetable soup of your choice.

Tiger nut improves digestion, boost your immune system and contains potassium and other nutrients needed in the body.

Tiger nut flour can be added to pancakes, cookies and other pastries to give it a unique and crunchy taste

You can start making and selling tigernut flour. It is easy to make

Ingredients needed:

* Tiger nut ( the quantity depends on what you want to produce)


* Wash your tigernut to remove stones and dirt.

* Sun dry it 

* Grind into powder at grinding mill or Machine with those that use to grind pepper for commercial purpose.

* If you are sure your blender has a sharp and good blade, you can use your blender.

* Blend or grind into powder.

* Sieve to remove shaft.

* Store in air tight container.

* Your tigernut flour is ready.

Photo credit: chufasbou.com

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