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How to fix oversalted soup

How to fix salty soup.

Did you just finish cooking soup and you discovered that the soup is salty and cannot be served for your children or husband or cannot be eaten by anyone

Try out  any of these simple tips to correct salty soup.

*  peel and place raw potato or  yam into the pot of cooking soup. It will absorb liquid and some of the excess salt. 

* You can add water to the soup and let it boil. This will dilute and reduce the excess salt.

*If the soup is just a little bit salty , you can add little quantity of sugar as  this will help to reduce the saltiness. Add a little at a time and taste as you do that so you don't end up with a sugary soup.
Try out any of these tips to correct your salty soup. Photo credit: sisi jemimah

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