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How to make owowo

How to make owowo

Owowo is a popular food/snacks among the Yoruba people of South West, Nigeria.
It is mostly sold by hawkers.  I love owowo due to  its delicious taste, it's ability to fill one's stomach and it is cheap. 
If you have not tasted owowo before, try it out,I am sure you will love the taste.
Owowo is easy to make and cost of ingredients is very cheap.

Ingredients needed:

* Fresh corn/maize

If you are using dried corn, you need to soak in Cold water overnight.

* Coconut 

* Sugar


* If you are using fresh corn, remove from its cobs.

* Cook your corn/maize till very soft.

* Remove from fire.

* Break your coconut and remove its shell.

* Cut the coconut into smaller pieces.

* Mix both the coconut and cooked corn together.

* Add sugar to it, mix together.

Your owowo is ready.

Photo credit: Nigerian food tv

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