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How to make beverages (bornvita and Milo)

How to make beverages ( bornvita and Milo)

Beverages or tea is common in most Nigerian homes and it is loved by both children and adults.
It is usually served with bread and eggs as breakfast in most homes.

 Beverages provides energy and  a source of other nutrients. 
It is easy to make and the ingredients to make it ,is easy to get as you can get it in any market around you.

Ingredients needed:
*Powered milk -100g

*Icing sugar -250g
*Cocoa powder -300g
* Egg white and not the yolk- 1


* Cocoa powder and icing sugar should be poured into a clean bowl and mixed together with wooden ladle or a clean spoon.

*Add powdered milk to the mixture.

* Add the egg white to the mixture and mix well until it is well blended.

*. Put in the oven for up to 7 minutes to dry .

* If you don't have oven , you can put the mixture on a tray and place on fire on a low heat for few minutes.

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