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How to make toilet cleaner

How to make toilet cleaner.

Do you have stubborn stains on your water closet and you have tried all sorts of toilet cleaners and the stains refuse to go, try out this toilet cleaner recipe.

This recipe of toilet cleaner helps to give your water closet a sparkling white look, removes stubborn stains, invisible germs and eliminate all sorts of bad odours.

The toilet cleaner is sprayed around the rim of the water closet bowl and leave for few minutes before using toilet brush on it.

Have you been looking for business you can start with little capital,try out toilet cleaner production.

This is a lucrative business as it is mostly needed and used in every household,once your toilet cleaner cleans stubborn stains and make the WC clean, your customers will keep on patronising you.

Materials needed for toilet cleaner:
*Chlorine- 1kg
*Caustic soda 1/2
*water- 25 liters
*sodium carbonate - 1 kg
 *Hydrogen peroxide -1/4kg
*Nitrosol- 1/8 kg *soda ash -1/2 kg *sulphuric acid 1 litre 
*colour - to your taste.
 *fragrance - to your taste.


*1st part

1.Pour  the chlorine, caustic soda and sodium carbonate inside a clean bowl and add 10 liters of water to it and soak for 10 hours

2nd part
* Add 1/8kg of nitrosol in 5 litres of water and stir very well to dissolve completely.
*Dissolve 1/2kg of soda ash in 2 liters of water separately and add to the nitrosol water and mix with wooden ladle.
* Add sulphuric acid and mix very well

3rd part
* Add all the chemicals you made in 1st part ,2nd parts together and mix 

* Add colour, fragrance, hydrogen peroxide and then mix very well.

* Package inside the bottle

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