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Reasons why your cake gets spoilt or go bad easily


Good food is supposed to spoil, every cake  have a life span, some 3 days, some 5 days, 7days, 12days, Fruit cake can last for like 2 months because of the fruits soaked in alcohol, and it last more longer if preserved in freezer.

 What is the normal shelf life of a basic cake?
Average of 4 days, some cakes go bad before 4 days if unrefrigerated, some as early as the next day.

So what are the causes?

 What makes cakes go bad?

1. When the batter is not properly prepared,for example,not creaming butter and sugar till fluffy.

2. When you use the wrong recipe.

 3. When you use bad eggs.

 4. When you use expired ingredients.

5. When you add more milk than required.

6. When you take your cake out of the oven when it's not properly baked that's underbaking.

7. Adding too much of ingredients than required.

 8. Adding water to a recipe that doesn't need water.

9. When you want to manage eggs by using the cracked ones.

10. When your cakes are not completely cooled before wrapping with foil.

11. When you don't allow the cake to cool completely before decorating.

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