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Recipe for 250 pieces of doughnuts

Recipe for 250 pieces of doughnut.

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*10kg of flour

* 18 cups of lukewarm water, you can add more to achieve your desired consistency.

*2400g  of white sugar

*1000g of butter

* 20 eggs.

* 4 teaspoons of salt

* 20 tablespoons of yeast.

* 10 teaspoon of nutmeg 

* Vanilla flavor


* In a clean bowl, mix your  flour, eggs,flavour, butter, yeast, salt, nutmeg, sugar.  

* Inside that bowl, add in  the lukewarm water.

* Ensure it is well mixed.

* A dough will be formed, then knead it to achieve a smooth consistency.

* Allow the dough to rest.

* Use a clean cloth to cover it , doing this will allow the yeast to perform its action and allow it to rise. 

* Leave the dough for up to 45 minutes.

* Then go and check it.

* Roll the dough on your chopping board  and use your doughnut cutter  or use a round object to cut into your desired shape and size.

* After this, then leave it to rise again for up to 35 minutes.
* Put vegetable oil on fire , then fry your doughnut in it.

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