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How to make garlic powder

How to make Garlic powder

Garlic powder is used to season meat , snacks and veggies to increase and improve its tastes.
You can as well earn an income by making and selling garlic powder.

Check out the easiest way to make garlic powder


* Garlic- as many as you want.


* Peel the garlic,to remove the skin.

* Cut into smaller pieces.

* You can use food dehydrator or oven to dry it.

* If you don't have any of this, you can sun dry it by spreading it under the sun to dry for up to 5-6 days

* When you are sure it is dry, you can use food processor or blender to blend into powder.

* Sieve it to remove unwanted particles.

* The wanted part is your garlic powder, store in airtight container

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