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How to make brown sugar

How to make brown sugar

There are some recipes that calls for brown sugar, what happens if you don't have brown sugar at home.
This simple tips will help you to make your brown sugar like the one you buy in the market.

This recipe will put you through whether you want to achieve light or dark brown sugar. 


For Light Brown Sugar:

1 Cup (240g)  of white sugar

*1 teaspoon  of black  treacle

To achieve dark Brown Sugar:

1 Cup (240g) of white sugar

2 teaspoons of black treacle


* Add both the white  sugar and black treacle in a  bowl. 

* Use a big spoon to mix the mixture together and ensure sugar turns to brown.

When you are done with the mixing,store in an air-tight container.
To prevent your brown sugar from clumping together,put a slice of bread into the container so as to keep it dry.

You can get the ingredients from where you get your baking ingredients

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