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How to produce yam flour

How to produce yam flour

Brown yam flour is known as elubo , which is used to prepare Amala. 
Amala is a popular food among the Yoruba people ( South West Nigeria)

You can make your own yam flour and even start selling to earn extra income.
It is easy to make and there is ready market for it.

Process involve:
 * Select good yam

*Then peeling and slice the yam tubers into smaller pieces.

* Then rinse the yam

* Boil the yam for few minutes, do not overcook the yam, after five -7 minutes remove from fire

* Sun dry the yam

* After you are sure, it has been sun dryed, this can take up to a week 

* Grind into powder at a milling machine.

* Your yam flour is ready

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