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How to produce pap

How to produce pap

Pap is common in most homes, as some use it as breakfast together with moimoi or Akara.

You can produce your own pap from the comfort of your house and even start selling.
The ingredients to make it ,is easy to get and very cheap .

In addition,there is a ready market for it and it a profitable business.

Process involved:

* You need dry corn

*Wash the dry corn to remove sand and other particles inside it, I will advise you rinse it up to four times.

* Then  soak in a large quantity of water for four days 

* On the fourth day, rinse with water.

* Then blend using your blender, you need to add water as you blend or take it to those with grinding machine to grind for you.

* Then take  a chiffon cloth and use it to cover a big bowl and tie it with rope. Use a big bowl

* Then begin to sieve the grinded corn and be adding water ,as you sieve until you are left with only the shaft. 

*When  you are through with the sieving, take off the chiffon cloth and let the mixture settle.

* After it has settle, the real pap that you need will be at the bottom of the bowl, it will be in thick form

* Store in air tight container and take from it to prepare your pap.

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