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Soap for even skin tone

Soap for even skin tone.

Do you want an even skin tone and not the one where your face will be fair in complexion and the other parts of your body being dark .Try out this simple and rich soap recipe that will make your skin glow and flawless.

Materials needed:

* Black/Ghana soap- 1 wrap 

* Milk- 5 tablespoons.

* Egg- 1( only the white will be used)

* Honey- one tablespoon.

* Bitter leaf ( squeeze bitter leaf and keep the water that comes out of it that is what you will use.)

* Lemon juice 6 tablespoons.

* Carrots oil- two tablespoons.

* Preservatives- three drops or one teaspoon.


* Pound the Ghana or black soap, mix the bitter leaf water with it, add in honey , egg , milk , carrots oil, lemon juice and preservatives .

Your soap is ready for use


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