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How to make weavon oil

How to make weavon oil

Do you have weavon or human hair wig and you want it to keep shining and not to get tangle.

Try out this simple recipe , you can decide to start producing and sell it.

You can get the chemicals from those selling soap chemicals 

*.petroleum jelly-1/4kg

*Acetyl alcohol- 1/2 liter.

*Paraffin oil -3liters

*Emulsifying wax -1/4kg

*Stearic acid -1/4kg

*Lanolin- 1/4kg

*Colourant - to your taste, you can decide to omit it and not use it.

*Propylene glycol -1/4liter.

*Water- 1 liter.

*Methyl paraben- 1/4kg.

Fragrance- to your taste.

*mix no 1-7 together in a heating pot until it is hot.

* Mix no 8-10 together in another heating pot until it is hot.

* When it is cool,mix the two pots together and add fragrance.

* Your weavon oil is ready

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