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How to make wara

How to make wara

 Wara contains the milk protein known as casein,it also has amino acids, iron , calcium and magnesium.

Wara is popular in Nigeria and a lot of people love it.
Wara can be made at home and it is easy to make.

Ingredients needed:
* Milk 
* Sodom apple leaf/ ewe Bomu Bomu or you use vinegar or lime or lemon juice.

* Cut Bomu Bomu leaves into smaller pieces in a bowl and pour warm water into it.
Let it stay for few minutes.

* Boil  milk in a clean pot for up to 10 minutes.

* Squeeze out the water you get from the bomu Bomu leaf  and add to the milk on fire,this will make the curd to separate,if you don't have Bomu bomu leaf, you can use vinegar or lime or lemon, just add to the milk on fire , the curd will begin to separate. If it doesn't,add more to it, till it does.

* Remove from fire and sieve out the water from the wara.

* Your wara is ready.

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