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How to make locust beans(Iru/ dawadawa)

How to make Locust beans ( iru/ dawadawa)

 Locust beans is fermented and used as a  condiments for  soups such as efo riro, egusi and other soup.

It is called iru by Yoruba people while some other tribes call it dawadawa.

There is iru Pete , there is iru woro

You can make iru from the comfort of your home and package inside small plastic container and sell.

Iru is easy to make and you can earn an income from making and selling it, just make sure your iru or locust beans is free from stones.

There are different methods of making locust beans.

This simple steps will put you through

Ingredients :
* Put your soya beans in pot.

* Roast your soya Beans, till it becomes brown but not burnt.

* After it is done,pour it inside a bowl of water, wash it inside the water to remove the chaff or back.

* Put water in a pot, and put the pot on gas or stove.

* Put the soya beans you just washed inside the pot on fire, add little potash to make the soya beans soft and cook faster, let it boil 

*  Remove from fire, then pour the mixture inside a sac bag and tie the mouth with rope just ensure it is tight that air did not enter into it.

* Leave it till the next day, let it be 24hours.

* Open it ,the next day and sun dry it for 30 minutes.

 * Put inside a container that has cover,let it stay for two days.
* After two days, spread it in the sun, pound it and mould.

* You can add salt to it, salt is used to preserve it.

* Keep in air tight container and use

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