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How to fix sour soup

How to fix sour soup
Did you cook soup and it becomes sour because you forgot to warm it  and you are worried about throwing it away or getting angry or pissed about it.
Don't worry,this simple tips will help you to fix your soup and it will taste fresh as if you just cooked it and the sour taste removed.

How to fix it.

* Cut your onions into tiny pieces

* Put little palm oil inside a pot and place on fire.
* Then fry your onions.
* Add crayfish, little salt and Maggi.

* After the onions has fried, remove the pot from fire.

* Then place your  pot of sour soup on fire.

* Add water to the pot of sour soup.

* Let it boil for a while and then add the onions that you have just tried to it.

* Do not cover, so as to allow the sour steam to escape, let it boil or cook for few minutes.

* Then taste it, you will see that the sour tastes is gone.

Another method you can use is to add a little activated charcoal to it, just a little ,let it the soup boil, do not cover it.

* After it has boil, remove from fire

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