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How to make skin lightening body butter

How to make skin lightening body butter.
Body butter plays important role in helping to achieve a flawless and glowing skin because it forms a protective layer for the skin, reduces wrinkles, nourishes and rejuvenates dry skin.
This recipe helps to  lighten ,clear skin rashes, sunburn , eczema and other skin issues due to its presence of vitamin A, E and C .
Have you tried different creams or lotions and it has not been working for you, try out this skin lightening body butter and watch your skin glow.

Materials needed:
* Vitamin E oil- 2 tablespoons.
*Avocado butter- 1 cup 
* Mango butter-1 cup
* free skin whitening milk-50ml
Half cup almond oil
30ml papaya extract
30ml mulberry extract
1tsp preservative
1tsp fragrance.


* Using double boiler method, add almond oil, mango butter and avocado butter.

*Allow the butters to melt and bring down from fire

* Add the remaining materials and whisk for few minutes.

* Keep in air tight container and use daily and watch your skin glow

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