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How to make scouring powder

How to make scouring powder

Scouring powder helps to remove difficult and stubborn stains from the back of your pots, kettles, and other kitchen wares .
It is easy to make , can be made right from the comfort of your home, cost of capital is very little and it is a profitable business.To make your customers keep on patronising you, endeavour to ensure it washes well.
You can package it inside container with a label on it. For instance kemi scouring powder.

 Materials needed:
* Egg shells ( you need to grind the egg shells into powder, the measurements to use is 1 cup

Detergent- 2 cups

Salt- 1/4 cup


* Wash the egg shells and sun dry it.

* Grind your egg shells into powder , you can get egg shells from restaurant, buka, eateries.

* Mix the egg shells powder with detergent and salt

* Package into the container for sale or personal usage

If you are going to sell it, increase the measurements

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