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How to make shoe polish

How to make shoe polish.

Shoe polish comes in different colours like black, brown, neutral colours,etc.
It is used to shine the shoe to improve the appearance of the shoe.
Shoe polish business is a lucrative one, as it is used almost every day. The cost of producing it is cheap and easy to make.

Chemicals needed:

*Paraffin wax-1kg
*Paraffin oil- 1/2 liter
*Dye - black colour,if you want a black shoe polish, or brown dye if you want a brown shoe polish.


*Put the pot on your stove or gas
*Put paraffin wax into the pot and allow to melt
*Add your paraffin oil
*Allow to heat up
*Add your dye to it
*Continue mixing until an even mixture is achieved.
*Pour into your containers and allow it to cool
* Then package for sale or use

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