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How to make face exfoliating cleanser

Exfoliating face cleanser

This helps to remove dead skin cells, thereby making your complexion brighter, look younger and helps to ensure your soap and cream works well.

Materials needed:

*Capryl glucoside- 15.3g
*Fragrance oil (aloe vera) -0.28g
*Xanthan gum (white) 2.83g
*Distilled water- 150g
*Aloevera powder 0.26g
*Jojoba beads (white) 2 and half tablespoons
*Preservatives- two drops
Glycerin- 4.25g


*In a clean bowl,pour  your capryl glucoside and your fragrance oil and mix together.

 In another bowl,  then you mix your xanthan gum and glycerin and mix very well and pour the mixture in the first bowl.

*Add jojoba beads , distilled water, aloe Vera powder, preservatives and mix very well
* Let it settle for few  hours and put in air tight container and use .

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