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How to make pepper soup spice

How to make pepper soup spice.

You can make the spice used for making pepper soup from the comfort of your home and it tastes exactly like the spice you buy in the market and it is cheaper. You can  start  making and selling of the spice which can be source of income.

Everyone loves pepper soup either chicken pepper soup or beef pepper soup or fish pepper soup.

Ingredients needed:

* Alligator pepper or black pepper

*Selim pepper or uda seed

* Calabash nutmeg also known as Ehuru, Ariwo or Ehiri or African nutmeg

The measurement to use for black pepper or alligator pepper depends on how pepperish or hot you want your pepper soup to be.

Then the measurement for the other two ingredients can be 50 -50 

You can get the ingredients from those selling jollof rice ingredients or those selling baking ingredients


*Grind or pound  the calabash nutmeg, selim pepper, and alligator pepper together to achieve a smooth texture.

* Store in airtight container and use for your cooking.

Photo credit : low carb africa

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