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How to make dodo Ikire

How to make dodo Ikire.
Do you have over ripe plantain and you have been thinking of throwing it away. You can actually make dodo ikire with it .
Dodo ikire is a  delicacy from ikire people in osun state ,that is why it is called fried plantain of ikire.

It is easy to make and it is mostly sold by hawkers in western part of Nigeria.

You can make dodo ikire at home. If you have not eaten dodo ikire before, you need to try it out and I very sure you will love the taste.

Ingredients needed:

* Over ripe plantain- you can use three or more depending on the quantity you want to make.

*One tablespoon of dry pepper (powder)

* Salt to taste.

* Palm oil

* Ground nut oil

* Peel the over ripe plantain.

*Mash the plantain with spoon or Wooden ladle.

*Add the pepper and salt and  mix very well.

* Mix both the palm oil and vegetable oil together inside the pot.

* Let it heat up and begin to fry the plantain inside the oil till it gets brown

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