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How to make insecticides

How to make insecticides

Insecticides are mostly used to kill insects such as mosquitoes, houseflies, cockroaches and so  on.
Insecticides is common in most Nigerian homes.
You can earn source of livelihood ( income) by producing your own insecticides, cost of capital is low ,easy to make and the materials are easy to get.

Chemicals needed:

*75cl of Kerosene
*200g of Industrial Camphor
*10mls of Formalin
25cl of D.D. Force


*Add  75cl of Kerosene in a bowl
*Add 25cl of D.D. Force
*After which you add 200g of Industrial Camphor.
*And then, add 10mls of Formalin
*Mix  all together with wooden ladle.
*Pour into your packaging container or bottles.
Cover it up with caps and label it.
Your insecticide is now ready for sale or for home use.

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