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How to make semovita

How to make semovita.

You can produce your own semovita right from scratch from the comfort of your homes.
The cost of production is very cheap.
Semovita is popular among many Nigerians,it is usually eaten with different soup like egusi soup, efo riro and other types of soup. 

 Semovita contains protein and fiber, It is also high in B vitamins like thiamine and folate, which plays important roles in the body system including helping convert food into energy. 

Ingredients needed:
* Cassava powder- 1kg
* White corn powder- 1.5kg

* Peel your cassava and cut into smaller pieces and sundry it.

* When you are certain,it is dry ,grind it at machine into powder.

* Take your white corn ,grind into powder as well.

* Mix both the grinded white corn and cassava powder with wooden ladle.

* Pour into air tight container and store for use. If you are going to cook it , prepare it the same way you prepare the readymade semovita, you buy from the market.

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