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How to make soda soap

How to make soda soap

Soda soap is a popular soap among people in West Africa.

It foams well. Check out the easiest way to make your soda soap..

*Palm kernel oil- 6 litres.

* Castic soda solution -4  litres.

1kg of caustic soda soaked into  4 liters of water overnight is your caustic soda solutions.

*Colour -as you desire. If you want a white soda soap, don't use colour

 Fragrance - as you desire.

Procedures for making Soda Soap

*In a clean bowl, add your palm kernel oil, caustic soda solution and mix together.

* Then add the other ingredients and ensure everything is well mixed.

* Grease the soap mould with palm kernel oil.

* Then pour the soap mixture into soap mould.

* Leave it to solidify for 10 hours.

* Remove from soap mould after it has solidify

* Then use.

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