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How to make coconut ice cream

How to make coconut ice cream

This coconut ice cream tastes so good. Tasting this flavour of ice cream will make you glue to it.
Check out the easiest way to make it.


*1 and half cup of Heavy Cream/ Whipping Cream

*1/4 cup of Sugar

* 1 teaspoon  of Vanilla flavor.

*2 cups  of Coconut Milk.

*1/2 can Sweetened Condensed milk


*In a clean bowl ,add your whipping cream, sugar and vanilla flavor and whisk or blend with a food processor/blender until it becomes smooth.

*In another bowl add coconut milk, sweetened condensed milk,  and mix together.

*Add the cream and fold into the coconut milk, condensed milk mixture using wooden ladle to mix. 

*Pour the mixture into a bowl and put in freezer for up to 6-8hours.

* Then take it and enjoy the taste.

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