How to make carrots oil

How to make carrots oil

Do you know that  carrots oil can help to keep your hair soft ,shiny and grow.

It is also useful in skin lightening and clearing skin blemishes.

Check out the easiest and best way to make carrots oil without loosing the nutrients.

Materials needed:.

* Carrots- as many as you want.

* Olive oil or coconut oil- 200ml


* Wash the carrots.

* Grate the carrots.

* In a clean pots, add your olive oil or coconut oil and place on fire

* Let it be on low heat.

* Add your grated carrots.

* Stir it ,do not allow it to burn 

* After few minutes, remove from fire and let it cool.

* sieve out the particles to allow for only the oil.

* Store in air tight container.

* And use for hair growth or skin lightening

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