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How to make ginger powder

How to make ginger powder.

Do you know that ginger powder helps to promote hair growth and keeps dandruff away from your hair.
Check out how to make ginger powder and how to use it for hair growth.

Ingredients needed:

* Ginger - as many as you want.


* Peel the back of your ginger.

* Cut into smaller pieces, so that it will be easy for it to get dried.

* Spread on a tray and sun dry it for  5-7 days. You can use an oven or dehydrator.

* After you are sure it is dry, blend or grind into powder.

* Then store in air tight container.

How to use it for hair growth.

* Add two tablespoons of ginger powder inside a small quantity of water to form a paste.

* Apply to your hair and use shower cap to cover it for 30 minutes.

* Rinse off with your shampoo and hair conditioner.

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