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Flat tummy spice tea recipe

Flat tummy spice tea recipe.

This is for those who wants to lose belly fat and achieve flat tummy without doing exercise or engage in diet. 

This is a spice tea for you and you will love it..

*Fennel- 2 tablespoons.

* Cumin seeds- 2 tablespoons.

* coriander- 2 tablespoons

 *lemon grass


*Mix the fennels, Cumin and coriander together and take one tablespoon out of it.

* Add that one tablespoon of the mixture to two cup of water and put on fire.

* Rinse your lemon grass and put to the mixture on fire,let it boil for ten minutes

* After ten minutes, sieve it, to remain only the water.

* Take it early in the morning before break fast.

Don't use when menstruating

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