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lightening soap for stubborn skin

How to make herbal whitening soap.
Are you the type that soap and cream does not work for you due to your stubborn skin, try our this soap recipe and watch your skin glow flawlessly, visible in 7 days.
It should be used daily to bath.

This recipe removes pimples, stretch marks and other blemishes you have on your skin.

* One African black soap.

* Two tablespoons of carrot powder

*2  tablespoon of turmeric powder

*4 tablespoons of almond oil

* One tablespoon of coconut oil

* 100 ml of lemon juice.

* 2 tablespoons of kojic powder.

* 1 tablespoons of lactic acid powder.

* 2 tablespoons of honey

* 3 tablespoons of vitamin e oil.

* One tablespoon- preservatives.

* Alpha arbutin powder - I tablespoon.

* One tablespoon of cinnamon powder.


* Shred or pound your African black soap in a mortal.

* Add your lemon juice

* Add your almond oil

* Add your turmeric powder.

* Add your kojic powder.

* Add your arbutin powder

* Add coconut oil

* Add cinnamon powder 

* Add honey.

* Make sure you add all the ingredients together with the black soap.

* Then add preservatives , package in a container

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