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How to make skin whitening body butter

How to make skin whitening body butter.

This helps to remove skin discolorations and blemishes that are so difficult to get rid of .Brightens and glows the skin by making it youthful , clear and smooth.

Materials needed:

*Half cup of avocado butter
*Half cup of mango butter
*1/4 cup of Shea butter
*50ml egg Yolk milk
*50ml of free  skin lightening milk
*Half cup of almond oil
*30ml papaya extract
*30ml mulberry extract
*1 Filipino set
*1tsp preservative


*Using double boiler method, add almond oil, mango butter, Shea butter and avocado butter.
* Let it melt, after it has melted, allow it to cool
* Begin to add the other remaining materials and whisk as you add.

* Store in air tight containers and use daily

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