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How to make apple cider vinegar

How to make apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar helps people to lose weight,reduces belly fat,lowers cholesterol, lowers blood pressure and performs other numerous functions.

Ingredients needed:

* Apples - as many as you want.

* Clean your jar with hot water by rinsing the jar with hot water.

* Cut your apples into smaller pieces and fill your jar with the apples.

* Boil hot water and add sugar or honey to the water, let it become warm and then add to the jar containing the apples.

* Cover the jar with cheese cloth or a clean white cloth and use rubber band to hold it firm.

* Then use the jar cover to cover it.

* Keep in a  warm place and wrap the jar with a thick towel.

* Leave the jar on one spot, don't move it around until two weeks.

* Leave it to ferment for two weeks ,after 2 weeks, remove the apples that has fermented.

* After removing the apples, pour the water inside a new jar cover with cheese cloth or clean White cloth.

* Let it ferment for another four weeks.

* After 4 weeks your Apple cider vinegar is ready for usage.

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