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Soap for pimples treatment

Soap for pimples treatment

Pimples is a common skin problem,it appears mostly where you have a functional oil glands like the face, chest and neck.

It starts when the pores of your skin gets blocked with oil and dead skin cells.

Pimples can be as a result of puberty, some ladies gets pimples when they reach puberty stage, pimples can also occur as a result of hormonal changes, genetics , stress and a lot of others.

This soap recipe will help to clear the pimples on your face and make it smooth,this is a tested and trusted recipe that works effectively, visible results within two days of usage.

Materials needed:

*Ghana soap - 1/2 wrap.

*Jojoba oil- 2 tablespoons
*Glycerin 2 teaspoons
*Tumeric 2 teaspoon
*Sunflower oil -2 tablespoons
*Lemon grass oil - 1 teaspoon.
*Grape seed oil- 1 teaspoon.
*Honey- 2 tablespoons


* Pound your Ghana soap.
* Add honey to it and mix very well.
* Then add the other materials and mix very well to ensure the whole materials are well mixed.
* Put in air tight container.
* Use at least once a day on the face for few minutes and wash it off.

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