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How to solve insecurity in Nigeria

How to solve Insecurity in Nigeria.

Nigeria after 60 years of independence is still faced with insecurity, It is only a stable country that can attract foreign investors to invest. There have been high cases of people being abducted on major roads , the boko haram insurgence, the farmers and herders clashes which has made many Nigerians not to be able to sleep with their eyes closed.

 A lot of factors contributes to the high cases of insecurity in Nigeria such as :

*Porous borders this makes it easy for anyone with arms to come into the country without being searched.

 *Poverty and unemployment is another factor causing insecurity in Nigeria ,when people are unemployed they go into crimes. Just like how it is difficult for an horse to pass through the eye of the needle that is how it is to get a decent job in Nigeria. 
* Weak security system- Our Security personnel do not have the equipments to fight insurgency.

Solutions to Insecurity in Nigeria

 *The government should provide jobs for all job seekers this will prevent them from being devil's workshop.

* Enterprenuership course or training should be introduced to the school curriculum and also be given capital to start business this will help them to be self-employed and even employ other people.

* Nigerians should stop selling their votes during election and elect competent leaders that will be able to deliver their campaign promises.

* Our security personnel should be well trained, well equipped and paid well, this will enable them to perform their duties well.

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