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How to make cold water starch

How to make cold water starch
 starch is used to stiffen fabrics. It is mostly used in  water or directly on the material to be used. There are two types of starch: the powder cold starch and the liquid cold starch.
The purpose of using starch in cloth is to add stiffness  to fabrics and  enhance appearance, texture. 
You can go into the production of cold water starch and make profit,the capital used in starting is cheap as you can start as low as 3,000 naira.

Materials needed:
* Starch( local cassava) -1kg
* Perfume - as you desire
* Water- 5liters
* P.V.A- 1/4kg
*Formalin( preservative) - little quantity.

* Put the starch( local cassava) inside a clean bowl.
* Add water and mix  the starch to dissolve completely to form the liquid.
* Add formalin, perfume, P.V.A and stir well with wooden ladle.
* Package the starch in bottles.

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