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How to remove skin tags

How to remove skin tags

Remedy for skin tags

Skin tags are mostly common in both women and men. It is made up of collagen and blood vessels which are surrounded by an outer layer of the skin.

It is mostly found in areas such as eyelids, thighs, neck, under breasts.

This simple recipes helps to remove your skin tags and works effectively.


* One Black soap 

* Banana peel powder - 2 tablespoons.

*Licorice root powder-4 tablespoons

*Oat powder -2 tablespoons

*Pineapple powder -3 tablespoons

* Honey - 5 tablespoons


* Pound or shred your black soap.

* Add honey , banana peel powder, licorice, oat powder, pineapple powder.

* Mix all the ingredients together.

* Put inside a container and start using or you apply to where you have skin tags ,leave for few minutes before rinsing it off, this should be done at least once a day.

For banana peel powder, you can make it at home, dry your banana peel and grind it into powder

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