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How to preserve cake


How can i store a cake before decorating?

Do you have so many cake orders at a time and you don't know how to store them?

  Here are some useful tips on how to store your baked cakes and then decorate it at a later date.

1. First, let it cool completely. If a cake is still warm, it will create steam when it is wrapped which will hasten the deterioration of the cake. So you have to wait and ensure that the cake is at room temperature before you wrap it. You can wrap tightly all over with plastic. Store in a dry place at cool room temperature for a few days.
 If the weather is very hot or humid, you can also keep them in the refrigerator for 2-3 days, but it's very important to wrap the cakes when keeping in the refrigerator so they don't absorb the odours of other items in the refrigerator.
If it's a layer cake, you can keep it in the freezer  for up to a month. If freezing,allow the cake to thaw for ample time before  using.

What if the cake has been iced, how can it be stored?

If you have iced the cake, but it's uncut, there are some tips on how to store it..

 How to store Fondant and Butter cream cakes :
Fondant and butter cream helps to seal moisture  in a cake.It acts as a seal between the  cake and the outer environment.

 You can cover with a large bowl for  3-4 days. But this method is not safe enough because of dust and other house hold debris, it also doesn't make an air tight seal.

You can also store your cake in the refrigerator. Don't refrigerate tinted fondant cake becomes condensation will occur and make the colours to melt. Avoid quick changes in temperature, try any refrigerated cake to an air conditioned place first, so as to reduce condensation which can make colours to melt.
Fondant and butter cream cakes can be store in the freezer, but allow ample time for them to come to room temperature, this can be done by first transferring them to the refrigerator, so that thawing can be done, then move to an air conditioned place. This is to avoid damaging condensation which is formed when the cake changes  heat environment.

You can also store cakes covered with Ganache in this same way.

How can i store Whipped cream cake?

  You can't leave whipped cream cake at room temperature, you can only put it in the refrigerator for a maximum of 3 days.
You can also keep it in the freezer but the texture will be  altered,so  it's not advisable  to keep in  the  freezer.

Note : If it's a layer cake you want to store, separate it first, then store, you can then assemble the layers together on the day you want to deliver it.

Here are important tips on how to store your cakes before decorating and after decoration has been made.

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