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Tips on how to make moist and fluffy cakes

Tips on how to achieve moist and fluffy cakes.

When you say a cake is moist what does it mean? 

A cake is moist when it's slightly wet and it's crumbs tend to stick together.

 Fluffy cake means what?  A  cake is said to be fluffy when it's light and soft to touch, it is made by mixing butter and sugar together quickly and thoroughly  so that a lot of air is mixed with it.

 How can i get a moist and fluffy cake?

First, i must say that there are some cakes that are naturally moist (chocolate cake, red velvet cake, blue velvet cake, etc) and there are those that are naturally fluffy ( vanilla cake, sponge cake). 

First, you must know the classification of the cake you want to bake fall into in order to strike a balance between fluffy and moist.

Here are some tips to follow to get a moist and fluffy cake:
1. Have a good and tested recipe and follow it accordingly.
Baking is a science - there is a reason for the instruction.If you are asked to use butter/ margarine, oil or large eggs, use it. Don't add extra raising agent, why?  Because the mix will rise more than the sponge's structure can hold it, so it will collapse. If you don't have a good recipe, you can't have a good cake.

2. Use good ingredients and the ingredients should be at room temperature. Don't go for cheap ingredients, the better  the ingredients, the better the end result, but the end result is worth it. Check the expiry date of your ingredients such as baking powder, baking soda,butter/margaine,flour,sugar,etc.

3. Cream  butter and very well till its light and fluffy. This helps to give a fluffy cake.

4. Use cake flour : This allows the flour till be lighter, especially when matched with a high sugar recipe. The lightness allows  the cake to keep  a risen and fluffy texture without collapsing.

How to make a cake flour at home : For every 1 cup of plain flour, remove 2 tablespoons of flour and replace it with 2 tablespoons of corn flour.

 5.  Don't over beat your butter and sugar. Only mix together till fluffy and creamy.

6. Sieve your dry ingredients at least twice. Then add your sieved dry ingredients into wet ingredients, this helps to prevent lumps from forming and the cake batter from deflating.

I  recommend that you add the dry ingredients in three additions, folding in each before progressing. When adding flour and milk or butter milk, always add in variations, starting and ending with flour.

7.  You can separate egg white from egg yolk. Beat egg white to a stiff peak and fold into your cake batter. 

8. Don't over bake your cake, it makes the cake dry.

9. After your cake has  been baked, you can add a cake syrup to make it more moist.

10.  Wrap cake and store well.
 Here are tips to follow to help you achieve a moist and fluffy cake.

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