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How to stop hair loss

How to stop hair loss or hair breakage.
Having a long full healthy hair is the dream of almost every ladies, experiencing hair breakage or hair loss can be heart breaking, especially when you comb your hair and see a lot of hair that has cut on your comb.

You should take care of your hair the way you take care of your skin, hair is the beauty of an African lady.

This hair loss has made some people lost their front hair edges and made them look like mama eko .
This recipe will help you gain your front hair, prevent hair loss, cures dandruff and makes your hair grow longer and fuller.

What you need:

*Coconut oil -100ml 

* Aloe Vera gel- you can use the ready made one from organic shops or you use the freshly made from your farm.

Onion juice- one onion


* Wash your Aloe Vera plant, if you are using the farm own, scrap it to reveal the gel inside it and put the gel inside a bowl, but if it is the organic own, just put the gel in a bowl

* In your pot add your coconut oil , Aloevera gel and make sure you put it on a low heat.

3.Heat for few minutes  until you have seen that the colour of the Aloevera has changed, this should be done under low heat.

* Then, extract the juice from the onion  and combine the oil to the juice.

* Apply this oil to your hair and scalp

* Leave for few minutes for the oil to enter the scalp and your hair, then wash off with shampoo ,do this once a week and see the wonderful magic in your hair

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