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How to make suya spice and suya at home

How to make suya spice at home
A lot of Nigerians love suya both young and old. Suya is mostly sold by Mallam and mostly at night.
If you are a Nigerian living abroad and you have been craving to have suya that tastes like that of 9ja ,this recipe tastes like the Mallam suya and you can make it at home and get  the ingredients in African shops, for those in Nigeria, you can easily get the ingredients in market around you.

Ingredients needed for the spice:

* Four tablespoons of ginger powder.
* Two tablespoons of chilli powder.
* Two tablespoons of garlic powder
* Two tablespoons of onion powder
* Four tablespoons of grounded kulikuli.
* Two tablespoons of dried tatashe other wise known as bell pepper.
* 1/2 tablespoon of salt.

Mix all the suya spice together and keep in an air tight container. 

How to use the spice to make suya:

You can use beef or chicken depending on the one you want.
You need :
* Beef.
* The suya spice you made.
* Maggi
* Salt- to taste, it shouldn't be too much.


* Rinse your beef to remove blood and other germs that might have come from it at the butcher's place.

* Cut the beef in small pieces.

* Mix the beef with your suya spice, Maggi and salt.

* Arrange it on Bamboo skewers or tooth pick.

* Bake or grill it for twenty minutes.

* Your home made suya is ready
Credit: Nigerian lazy chef

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