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How to decorate cake using royal icing

How to decorate cake using royal icing.

Royal icing is a method of decorating your cake in your desired colour using icing sugar and other ingredients.
This method is very simple for beginners .

Ingredients needed;

* 2 and half cup of icing sugar.

* Lemon juice - one tablespoon.
* Colour - your preferred colour - one tablespoon
* 2 big eggs( you use only the white)


* In a clean bowl, sieve your icing sugar.

* The next thing to do is to whisk your egg whites ( don't use the yoke) and then add to the bowl of icing sugar .
* Add your lemon juice and mix thoroughly.

*  Add colour to the icing sugar and use your palette knife to apply on the cake , make sure you cover the cake with the icing till it is well covered.

You can pour the icing sugar inside your cake pipe and use to decorate or write happy birthday or other inscription on your cake

Photo credit : Eggless cooking.com

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