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How to cook fried rice

How to cook fried rice
Fried rice is a popular delicacy in most Nigeria homes and owanbe parties or events.
It is mostly eaten with salad, moimoi or chicken.

How to make fried rice is actually very simple.

Ingredients needed:

* 4 cups of rice
* Green beans ( I use one tin which I buy from super market)
* Sweet corn (1tin)
* Carrot - 4 sticks
* Liver 
* Curry and thyme - tablespoons each
One big onion
* Maggi
* Salt to taste
* Beef/chicken
*White pepper- one tablespoon.


* I first of all per boil my rice and keep aside.

*I use my chicken or beef stock.so I put the stock water on fire, add white pepper, onion, salt , Maggi,curry thyme.

* While the water is boiling ,then I pour in the rice that I had previously per boiled,then cover with lid to Cook for few minutes.

* While the rice is cooking, I chop all my vegetables

* After few minutes, I check if the rice is done,if it is done, I remove from fire.

*Then take a new pot, fry all the vegetables, liver on a low heat.

* Then I add the cooked rice inside what I am frying and stir Very well.

* Then remove from fire and serve hot with chicken or beef

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